Product Name: 4CH/8CH/16ChDVR Split-type network video alarm DVR   

Name: 4CH/8CH/16ChDVR Split-type network video alarm DVR Model: 4CH/8CH/16ChDVR Split-type network video alarm DVR 
Attestation: CCC Type: Video Alarm Terminals 
Main features and selling points
The device is the perfect combination of GPRS / IP / PSTN network alarm system and monitor DVR system .All the SSG 4/8/16 channel DVR can network with SSG CMS ,and support remote monitoring by IE browser and smart phone. Any model of DVR and PSTN/GSM/IP alarm system group of two can combine a dual-network or tri-networks alarm system ,plus the CMS form a network alarm system .Excellent features ,split-type design and fusion functions can meet requirement of video alarm linkage, local video record, alarm video upload to platform ,and solve the problem of preventing internal theft and vandal, because the DVR alarm host is split design ,install position are not together ,DVR put on a safe and secluded place to lock up ,the alarm host is placed in the another place where is easy to maintence and repair by engineer .all the device are powered by the backup UPS system .destroyed network alarm host, the video is still saved ,destroyed the DVR ,network alarm host is still working .So neither internal theft or other external thieves can always leave evidence .The split-type network DVR alarm system have various way of combinations that any model of metal shell alarm system that with UPS can combine with SSG network DVR system ,you can according to the install environment and actual requirements to choose the network alarm host ,it is flexible .Some places suitable for install FM alarm system ,Some places suitable for install GSM.GPRS alarm system ,and some place suitable for IP alarm system.
the advantages of network video alarm system : Video verify: remote video verifying after alarms ,avoid faulty alarms ,can reduce operating costs for the security companies ,as the security company selling is services and profits from the service ,the monitoring station should response and dispatch security guard to the scene quickly when received an alarm, but the conventional network alarm system can´t verify the alarm whether is ture or false alarm ,the network video alarm system solved this problem ,and the alarm video will uploaded up and storage on the remote server ,also recorded on the local DVR, the alarm video can call at any time during police investigations .the network alarm host with patrol sign in automatically report ,auto arm by intelligent roller shutter contact and warming board promotion features etc. one system ,two functions ,the perfect collocation of DVR and alarm system .it is a business to kill two birds with one stone ,Not only allows you to do the business of the traditional video surveillance project, but also allows you to do a network alarm operator services project.
The split-type alarm DVR system is compose of two parts:

SSG-1168-UPSGSM8 wired/wireless engineering host and 4/8/16CH DVR

The main features of SA-1168-UPSGSM8 wired/wireless engineering host:
1.Based on GSM/GPRS network, it is very fast to transmit alarm information to CMS by GPRS , In general ,it just take 2-3 seconds, and low cost ,you only need to open a GPRS monthly packages services for the SIM card.
2.Heartbeat tour-inspection, the heartbeat interval time can be set,(The heartbeat tour-inspection by a certain interval time between the terminal and the platform will automatically make a connection each other to ensure that the system is in normal working state ,when the connection interrupt, CMS will make an alarm)
3.Mass Arm/disarm the front-end GPRS alarm host on the CMS and cost very low.
4.Compatible with wired and wireless sensors ,with 8 wired zones and 99 wireless zones .With 3 wired terminal, the first channel is for smart wired roller shutter magnet contact (automatic arm host when drop the roller shutter ), the second channel is for warming board(details please refer to the warming board description )the third channel is for wired accessories ,such as PIR sensor ,IR beams ,IR fence ,smoke detector ,gas detector ,panic button etc.
5.support patrolling system: every day ,when the security guard get to shop that they in charged ,you just need to press the patrolling unit ,the the guard´s ID ,name ,time and address will automatically upload to the security guard management system in the CMS ,you can check the patrol records in the CMS ,solved the problem of guard management.
6.Support outdoor warming board
1).when you closed the store or leaving for work on the morning ,it is very easy to know whether the host is armed if the warming board lights up.(for example ,armed on red ,disarmed on green ,alarm on flashing red and green)
2).for preventive and warning, to scare outlaws, thieves, robbers away and against them on the outside.
3).engraved the security company´s name, LOGO and Tel NO. on the warming board,then it will into a 24 hours billboard.
4).which will help security company expand customers ,if some of the stores in a street purchased security services and installed the warming board ,and the other stores will feel insecure ,because they are worry about the thieves will intrude their stores which not installed the warming board ,so maybe only one store install the security system and then the whole street will be your customer .also this will reflecting the strict norms of the security company.
5). which will help security guards quickly found the host abnormal, to facilitate timely troubleshooting and deal with the alarm, also improve the system security level.
7.with wired/wireless smart roller shutter magnet contact auto arm the alarm host feature. This is designed for the forgetful people who usually forget to arm the alarm system when they close the shop. This feature can save lots of telephone costs for the security companies: for example ,at 22:50, the watch guard found that some shops are not armed on the platform ,then he needs to call the owner to query the situation. If you have many such clients ,that will waste huge labor and money, if you use this intelligent shutter sensor ,all these can be avoided
8. Support expand up to 999 wired zones by RS-485 bus module.
9.Due to network alarm host is based on GSM/GPRS ,it is the new generation digital alarm system, and with SSG servers and platform core-function board ,the platform can process millions of tour-inspection ,arm ,disarm ,alarm events and digital messages in seconds, without any communication fees and will not block the system..Compared with traditional CID platform which process several messages every minute and cause shake-hand telephone communication fees ,our platform ,ahead of it about three generations and the data processing speed is much more faster than it.
10.Cost free to transmit alarm events information ,arm/disarm message to CMS by internet ,cost free to communicate with CMS for self-inspection ,cost free for uninterruptedly self-inspection with wired accessories ,cost free for fixed time self-inspection with wireless accessories .when the burglar cut the internet cable to make the CMS can not communicate with the terminals ,then the platform will alarm immediately.
11.Centralized power supply: when power off ,the centralized power supply will keep all device working, including HUB, MODEM, video alarm panels ,accessories ,and you needn´t to change the batteries ,time-saving, cost-effective.
12.Encoding mode :Learning code ,easy to add and remove accessories.
13. Can use with flash siren.
14.Low-power alert Function: When there is a low battery or a power failure, the panel will send SMS to alert the user. If you connect the system with Central Monitoring Station, the panel will also send this message to the Central Monitoring Station through GPRS.
15.Great lighting protection design
16.With high-quality professional GSM industrial grade module, the GSM module with superior anti-shielding function, cant be shielded by phone signal jammers.
17.AC-DC power supply automatic switching function: normal AC charging, automatically switch to DC power when the AC power failure, to ensure that the system is foolproof. The system available for anti-theft, anti-robbery, fire prevention, anti-rogue nuisance and fraud prevention etc.
18.The system is compatible with SSG Wireless Doorway Keypad. (Optional function)

4ch/8ch/16ch DVR basic features:
1.H.264 video compression
2.Support record ,playback ,network transmission ,PTZ control ,system setup ,etc operation mode.
3.support hard disk dormancy function, extend service life of hard disk.
4.With RS485 interface, which can realize central control function.
5.Support IE and client software remote Settings ,preview ,video playback and data download, etc.
6.Use high-reliability monitoring special file, greatly improving the security of recording data.
7.Two levels operation password protection: managers password ,users password ,operator password, built-in multi-language.
8.Support image circular viewing in various display modes, keyboard operation and 485 control interface (can control PTZ rotation)
9.Support Window Mobile, Symbian , Android, iOS, etc mobile remote access.
10.maximum support 2T HDD
11.Work with network alarm system to achieve video upload function.
Application and common configuration:
Office, schools, chain stores, financial institutions, hardware stores, supermarkets, and other place where need a network  alarm system .the connection way between accessories and alarm host is wired ,also support wireless connection, and can be expanded up to 999 wired zones by RS-485 bus module ,suitable for a wide range of accessories ,multi-point security monitoring place.


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