Product Name: CDMA2000 3G Alarm Dome Camera Extends To 3 Chanel Video   

Name: CDMA2000 3G Alarm Dome Camera Extends To 3 Chanel Video Model: SSG-N-A84-CD 
Attestation: CCC Type: 3G Camera Alarm 
1. Can extend to 3 channel video, total 4 channel can be switched
2. Program 6 preset position, ask for pictures of different place
3.IR Night vision, the surveillance distance at night is 10m
4 channel video can work with wireless detectors, will send certain video of detail zones
5. Lock SIM card function according to 3G operator requirement
6. End user can set the picture dimension
7. Built-in IPCM function
8.The 3G module can be built in SSG IR night waterproof constant speed dome camera that can see the wireless video over 100m at night. (for extend function)
9. Can work with SSG great three-in-one platform (Network Burglarproof alarm + video + GPRS). The platform is connect to WAN network, the format as below TD-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000. Anywhere that with 3G network, it can work by any of these format
10. Built-in SSG super Pan/Tilt, 360 degree rotation without dead angel, can control video angel at ease
11.With this system, user can surf online by wireless network directly, without paying wired network fee. Whats more, the speed of wireless network is much better than ADSL broad band
12. Plenty of derivative 3G product: spot law enforcement system, police outdoor explosion prevention law enforcement system(install in the police vehicle, N*360 degree, up/down rotate, waterproof, High/low temperature resist), reservoir, forest/forbid area/large dam/ oilwell /factories and mines, field operation division etc, are widely use 3G IR Constant Speed camera. The system can work normally with built-in Li-battery once power is cut off (Optional function)
13.Clear fluency video will be transferred simultaneously while alarm is triggered where has 3G network.
14.Can program 6 phone number, that can receive MMS and listen in what happened at site
15. Pack with one camera, the lens is optional. Different lens with different visual distance
16. Support 4G memory SD card. Can set to real time record video while alarm
17. Switch into 2G network automatically if there is no 3G.(optional) Will make a phone call and send SMS BY GSM network!(3/4 band is optional)
18. Can disarm the system by SMS or phone call remotely. Send SMS to ask for spot MMS pictures. Can get the mms picture of any angel by mobile
19. Support 3G mobile browse
20.Can connect with more than 20 pcs wireless detectors, 5 remote controller
21. Motion detection. This function is turned off and it can adjust according actual requirement!
22. Speaking horn is optional. When see the video, user can shout to alarm to drive intruder away
23. Can add alarm accessories, such as PIR sensor, door sensor, smoke detector, gas detector, IR beams, panic button etc.
1. Camera : 1/3 Sharp CCD Camera

2. Image compression format: 3GP

3. Power supply: DC12V Maximum working electric current600MA

5. Indoor operating environment º-20---+50

6. Max horizontal angle 360

7. vertical angle º0--90

8. Turning speed horizontal speed 12/S vertical speed 12/S
up, down left,right Free rotation


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