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Product Name:  Multifunctional Community Service Calling System
Name:   Multifunctional Community Service Calling System Model: SSG-SERVER-1/2  
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: PSTN Call System 
  Main Function:
The control panel system have six key button that is call ABCDEF,the key button function as follows:
1. Key button A:can set 6 groups of telephone numbers for emgency help,and the telephone numbers can be circular dial.avoid the telephone cannot be connected with the need of emergency assistance from the elder at home.Can be used connected with the center monitor,
2. B, C, D, E four keys can be set to facilitate the service call. Such as the elderly can service phone set commonly used four keys BCDE, B button to set into telephone of convenience stores, fast food in downstairs; C key to set the phone into community medical aid station; D key to set the grain station telephone; E key set phone of Beauty salons; when the owner needs this services, corresponding to press a button then you can get the services, and service information can be sent directly through the monitor center to the corresponding computer service stations and service stations that provide the appropriate service personnel.
3. F keys:you can set it by yourself and can be used connected with monitor center,also can be directly connected to the operator¡äs manual service point to get the assistance.
4. automatic hands-free intercom function.
5. can receive all the information that our the wireless protection accessories send. The other basic functions the same with this model calling system: SSG-HJT8
Standard package: 1 control panel +2 remote control+1 panic button+1 door sensor with panic button+1 telephone line+1 power adapter
Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz
Operating range: up to 100 meters in open air.
Temperature range: -10 ~ 50 degree
Relative humidity: < 90%

Calling System Application

1. Can you take care of the elderly at every time?When the elder have the accident,but you havent been there near them,so what you will do?Now,don¡ät worry,our calling system can help you solve the problem and bring the sense of security to you.Our calling system can monitor what happening. If you want to know the situation of the elder,then you can use your 3G Mobile Phone to watch the video and also can storage the video.The most important,the elder can call for the help,So if you have our calling system,you just don¡ät worry,you can watch what happening about the elder at any time no matter where you are.So our calling system provide the emgency help for the elder and also help you put your heart down.

2. We install the calling system at the Hospital 120 Ambulance,when you send the patients to hospital,the experts can remotely tell the health care professionals what should to do at the emergency situation so that can save the time,ensure the patients can safe arrival at the hospital.

3. Whe you are very busy with your work,you can watch the life situation about the your parents.Of course you can bring them the best wishes of the festival, birthday and so on.
And video are very clear.

4. When the elder are always sick and at the same time the son are on abroad,then the son can talk with the elder remotely,watch the video.So doing this to take the sense of loneliness and the heart pain of the elder.

5. Does a nanny abuse old or children is often when they are not at home? Does nanny to wash Old people¡¯s feet over time? It can forced the nanny not to abuse the old and children by install a 3G mobile calls , Instead ,she will serve the old man and children well , and this is she should do.

6£ºWhen parents are busy , Through 3G Monitor remote supervision the children at home and let them not to surf on the internet excessively ,do the homework on time, go to bed on time, and to supervision whether their children have been followed by bad guy.

7: When children are study in the shcool, mom can care online:It can applied in nurseries and kindergartens. If the parents feel worried about their children, they can watch whether his son take a meal on time ,or whether his son have been fighting with others in the kindergarten via internet

8: prevent looting, emergency button, concealed alarm: suitable for bank, jewellery stores, enterprise boss offices, various Financial Affairs Office, when meeting financial room robbed, the people mention above can press the emergency alarm button on the platform gently in a concealed location , Public Security Bureau receiveing alarm information in the Centrl Monitor System will deal with it immediately, and can also monitoring via video..
For example: -- -- -- boss Tom is at work in the company, someone burst into his office and going to have a robbery -- -- -- boss Tom talk with him with as causal tone as he can , while press emergency alarm button on his desk catlike, and the alarm information is sent out, Public Security Bureau send out the policeman immediately after receiving warning information ,the scoundrel has been captured at last while he was still kept in the dark.

9£ºIt can be applied in community emergency: For example ,There is no body at home except Lucy and she is only 4 years old, if there is anybody outside the door and said that he is Lucy¡¯s relative and want Lucy to open the door ,should she do it ?
If Lucy feel don¡ät recognize this uncle,she can press the emergency call button stealthily, so that the message can send out without startle the people outside.The center Monitor System can show the emergency and call Lucy¡¯s dad. Lucy¡¯s dad can confirm that whether the people outside the door is a friend or not.

10. Grandma Katy live alone, one day when she was cook in the kitchen , suddenly, an accident fire was happened, grandma cann¡¯t action inconvenience, she immediately press the emergency button in the kitchen , the community Center Monitor System show the emergency information and came to help grandma immediately. Due to the disposal timely, there is an disaster have been avoided.

11. Community for defining: For instance , there was one night when Grandma Katy was in her bedroom alone,suddenly,she heard something strange noise in her study seems looking for something ,but Granma dare to take a look what¡¯s happening ,so she pressed the emergency button
At the front of the bed, the community Center Monitor System show the emergency information and came to help grandma immediately. The thief has been captured at last .After Grandma know this ,he was appreciate.

12. Cooperate with police station. When violent happens,residents push the emergency button to send alarm. The CMS receives the alarm and then call the police.

13. Cooperate with community hospital. The hospital can sent the system to those who need help like custom patient, the old who need service usually. The system timely inform patient the time to have medicine and to do sports.It can remotely help the patient take medical examination and so on. The CMS can display the patient¡¯s name,address,phone number,medical history and the way to deal with emergency.

14. It can be used at railway station,help station,hospital lobby and ATM room.When pilferage or violent happens,CMS will show the location detail for police or security guard.

15. It can also be used in school. Installing an emergency button for every classroom,washing room,lobby,dormitory and so on.The alarm will be sent to the CMS of security office.

16. Used in Geracomium, social welfare institute. When the old have problems,if he or she push the emergency button,the CMS will tell the right person with the right position.Like the following:

17. Work with super market,smack bar and so on.For example,if you are hungry and don¡¯t want to go out,just push the button without dial the number one by one,and the nearby service center will send what you want.

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